Dance & Romance Over V-Day Weekend

Flowers, cards, dinner out — those are all well and good, but why not make this Valentine’s Day weekend extra memorable by connecting with your sweetheart on the dance floor at our Ballroom Romance workshop?

Join us the afternoon of Sunday, February 12 for partner dance basics, champagne and gourmet desserts before you head out to your Valentine’s Day dinner or home to “practice” your moves. (Sorry, we just couldn’t resist…)

Since we featured swing, rumba and tango in past years, we’re mixing it up again with a little bachata, one of our favorite Latin dances. It even sounds sexy when you say it out loud.

The sensual sounds of Bachata music and the accompanying steps were born in the Dominican Republic, and can now be found all over the world. We’ll kick off our workshop with a breakdown of the basic steps, then layer in some spins, wraps and dips. If time permits, we’ll even go over a few sexy arm styling tips and teach you a short routine to end the class with a bang.

It might sound overwhelming but trust us, basic bachata patterns are fairly easy to pick up. Add a little hip action and you’ll be steaming up the floor in no time! Even if you don’t plan on frequenting a Latin club, the steps as well as the partnering skills you’ll learn can easily translate to other types of music. In fact, the foundational patterns fit with almost any mid-tempo music in 4/4 timing, from pop to country songs.

No experience required: We’ll teach you all the background you need to know to lead and follow during this workshop. After about an hour and a half of dancing, we’ll also treat you to champagne and a sampling of decadent desserts.

These workshops have sold out in past years, so get your tickets now to secure your spot!

Ballroom Romance 2017

  • Bachata Bliss: Sunday, Feb. 12 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
    • South Philly, 1170 S. Broad St. (near the intersection with Federal St.) FREE street parking!
    • Bachata basics, spins and a short routine
  • Sign up: $30 per person. SAVE by purchasing early bird tickets: $25 tickets available through Jan. 31! Note: Because of the way our computer system works, each ticket must be associated with an individual’s name. If you wish to buy tickets for you and a partner, simply email and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Attire: Anything comfortable is fine — even dressier clothes for those who might be going out to dinner directly afterward will be perfectly suitable. For footwear, we recommend smooth-soled dress shoes, moderate heels or flats, but sneakers will also do the trick.
  • Low/moderate intensity | Beginner friendly

Please note that while this workshop focuses on partner dancing, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in if you’re unattached. Singles will partner up with each other or the instructors.

Can’t make the workshop? Contact us at for information about private lessons.

Refund policy: Refunds in the form of Ballroom Bliss/Philly Dance Fitness store credit will be granted upon request up to 48 hours before the event. Tickets are non-refundable after that point.