Choreographed Routines

If you’re looking for something extra memorable, our instructors can choreograph a routine that fits perfectly with your favorite song and your abilities.

We’ve done everything from a bachata/hip-hop medley to a country love song. So whatever song you choose, we’ll come up with sizzling steps to compliment it.

Choreography is a great option for couples who want to dance to a more unusual song that doesn’t fit into “traditional” ballroom rhythms. Believe it or not, it can also be the best option for those who have trouble with rhythm. We’ve found that it’s sometimes easier for new dancers to remember a sequence of steps than to recognize when to cue a spin, for example.

Once you select a song, we choreograph the routine on our own time so you can focus on learning it during your lessons. If you don’t like some of the moves we come up, we’ll tweak them to better suit you. There’s an additional one-time flat fee for the choreography service, which includes any revisions as well as a video of your teacher doing the routine so you can practice at home.

Couples who opt for a choreographed routine generally take anywhere from three to six private lessons to learn and polish the moves.

Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience at our Graduate Hospital studio, 1015 S. Dorrance St., or our commercial studios in Midtown and on South Street.

For details about pricing or any other questions, please contact us.