Choreographed Routines

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Go all out with custom choreo

If you’re looking for an extra memorable dance, our instructors can put together a routine that fits perfectly with your music, personality, style and skills.

We’ve choreographed everything from natural-looking, elegant waltzes to showy mash-ups that transitioned from “slow dance music” into upbeat pop, country or Latin. We’ve created Bollywood routines for sangeets, father-daughter hip-hop medleys and even a humorous 80s ballad. So whatever song you choose, we’ll come up with sizzling steps to compliment it.

Choreography is a great option if your song doesn’t fit with traditional ballroom patterns, if you want to present a more “impressive” dance, or if you just prefer to have a specific plan. It can also be better for those who have trouble with rhythm. For example, we’ve found that it’s sometimes easier for new dancers to memorize a sequence of steps than to recognize when to cue a spin.

Custom choreo is a separate flat fee ($250 for up to 4 minutes; additional charges may apply for longer songs or large groups) because we create the routine on our own time so you can focus on learning the steps during lessons. If you don’t like some of the moves, we’ll tweak them to better suit you.

Couples who opt for choreography generally take anywhere from 5-10 private lessons to learn and polish their dance. We film the routine at the end of most sessions so you can practice at home.

Wedding Dance Services Philadelphia - Choreographed Routines


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