Dance Floor Basics

Photo courtesy Colleen Stepanian

Look like a natural

Even if you steal the spotlight at the dance club, making your moves mesh with a partner is an entirely different skill. In our ballroom private lessons, you’ll learn the essential elements of leading and following plus enough steps to improvise your way through any waltz, fox trot, rumba, tango, cha cha, salsa, bachata or swing.

Focus on a specific style or work your way through a couple of genres to build up a foundation of moves that will keep you going at any dance party!

For couples preparing a first dance, ballroom basics lessons are the perfect happy medium if you want to do more than sway, but don’t want as much structure as a choreographed routine. Our instructors will still tailor the lessons to your first dance vision, so you can add as much or as little flair as you want to feel confident on the big day. You’ll walk away with the essential tools to make your first dance a success while still feeling like it’s “you.”

Schedule as many sessions as you like. Most of our wedding clients end up taking 5-10 lessons to feel comfortable with their first dance.

While we specialize in helping non-dancers prep for weddings (engaged couples, parents of the bride/groom, bridal parties), we also love teaching anyone who wants to dance. So whether you’re attending a function with a dance reception or you just want to learn partner dancing for the fun of it, we’ve got you covered!

Wedding Dance Services Philadelphia - Dance Floor Basics


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