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The lessons were really enjoyable and both Deborah and Kira were excellent teachers — supportive, patient, creative and fun. They gave us the tools to practice on our own at home and come to the next lesson ready to continue learning. On the day of our wedding, we felt like we nailed our dance and were so happy! We received glowing praise from our guests and there were lots of cheers throughout. I would highly recommend Ballroom Bliss to any couple looking to feel confident and comfortable being the center of attention at their wedding.” – Lisa M.

Deborah was fantastic — she was able to incorporate all of our desires (Rumba and Swing, English and Bollywood, complex steps but still learnable), teach us the basics of two dance styles, put together an amazing routine and teach it to us so we were completely comfortable and confident at our reception – all within just five lessons! We shopped around a bit before signing up with Ballroom Bliss, and found that not only were their ratings the highest, but their prices and hour flexibility were also the best. Our family and friends have all been complimenting us on our first dance, even months after our wedding weekend! We had an absolute blast and are actually looking to continue with group lessons to learn other partner dance styles because we had such a great time!” -Vai & Sanjiv

We’re a queer couple, so working with someone who could help us orchestrate a not-so-heteronormative first dance was very important. Deborah was great to work with. We felt very comfortable with her, she got the style we were going for and helped us pulled off a dance that is now referred to as ‘the dance’ by those who attended.” -Anonymous

We had the most amazing experience with Ballroom Bliss and cannot recommend them enough for learning ballroom dance…I can hardly express in words how much fun it was to take lessons with Kira. She made my fiancé feel more comfortable on his feet than he has felt in years, and she reminded me, fittingly to let him lead!! She was so constructive and so validating, and I could feel us improving by her teaching each lesson. I felt like she noticed our strengths and was so positive in helping us improve. She was so knowledgeable, patient, accessible, and amenable, and really encouraged us to trust each other, to switch partners, to dance with her, and to find our groove in the different styles. She matched us when we were goofy and added lots of lightness and laughter to the room, while bringing us back to our goals and helping us refine each style. We ended up learning Waltz, Rumba and Swing, and I can’t believe how excited my fiancé is to get on the dance floor later this month for our wedding. Kira and Deb are both fantastic teachers and I would beg any folks, engaged or not, to take advantage of any opportunity to learn from them!” – Rachel S.

Throughout our engagement, my now-husband and I kept going back and forth between “should we or shouldn’t we” take dance lessons. We finally decided, yes, we should — but only about a month before our wedding. We talked to a few dance studios in the city, but the hours at most studios were tough and we just didn’t talk to anyone we really wanted to work with. Our wedding planner recommended Deborah and Ballroom Bliss and we are so happy we found her!!! Deborah choreographed our first dance perfectly – it was elegant, classic, and fun. Neither my husband or I are great dancers, but she was so patient and helpful. Whenever one of us got frustrated, she had a solution or talked us off the ledge (which is not easy to do with either of us!). Moreover, we were learning the dance in probably the most stressful days leading up to our wedding. Going to our lessons and practicing our dance was something we truly looked forward to and gave us something fun to do amidst all the chaos. It is truly something I’m always going to remember. The day of our wedding, the dance went wonderfully and we received so many compliments from our friends and family members. The most important part? We had a ton of fun doing our dance, and it was so much more meaningful because we had put so much time into it.” -Kristina & Brendan

Kira was patient with us when we asked questions on things we had already learned and she also gave great music recommendations to practice. Even for people who aren’t planning a wedding but want to learn how to have fun and look good on the dance floor, this is definitely worth it!” – Tim E.

Deborah at Ballroom Bliss is amazing! We had a limited amount of time after having a really poor experience at the first dance studio we tried, and Deborah really helped us out. She listened to our goals, understood our expectations, and was super accommodating. She was realistic about our tight time frame and didn’t try to teach us too much. We had a great experience and couldn’t recommend her more!” -Anonymous

It’s a well-established fact that I can’t dance,” John said. “So we took dance lessons together, for five weeks. I really wanted her to be proud.”
To John’s delight, when the Beatles’ “I Will” began to play, he wasn’t nervous at all, and enjoyed himself. “I just felt so in love with her,” he said. “The dance ended, and I was sad that it wasn’t a longer song.” – Love: Joanna Lopinto & John Johnson

Guys, save yourself time, headache and a ton of money and start with Deborah. She was awesome. My wife loved her and I was able to survive each lesson (not a big dancer). She put together a bang up first dance that everyone loved and had us squared away in about a month. Other places wanted an arm and a leg and would not listen to what we wanted in a first dance (the basics and a routine).” -Pete S.