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“I would highly recommend Ballroom Bliss to any couple looking to feel confident and comfortable being the center of attention at their wedding.”

— Lisa M.

“We are incredibly grateful for Deb and Kira. I love to dance but hate being the center of attention, while my husband doesn’t mind being seen but didn’t know how to dance. After just a few lessons, we both felt excited and confident about showcasing our moves. Both Deb and Kira are incredibly skilled dancers and teachers. They intuitively know what kind of dance goes best with any given music and are ready to help you reach your objective. We did not want anything choreographed, but instead wished to learn how to keep time with the music and have a few moves to bust out for fun. When the big day came, I didn’t even notice we were the only ones dancing while my husband led us around the floor like a pro. Our friends and family were amazed and asked us where we learned how to dance. There are so many stressful parts about planning a wedding and having your first dance become one of the “fun” parts of planning is a definite must.”

— Chrissie K.

“Deb is an awesome instructor and choreographer, is very patient and was able to work with us even when we got a little “goofy” during the lessons. She gets to know you as a couple and makes it a very personal experience. Before taking lessons I didn’t consider myself a very coordinated person, but she was able to put together a fantastic dance that fit our personality. Everyone in our family still talks about our dance and I would recommend Deb to anyone!”

— Rebecca K.

“Kira taught two non-dancers how to look like we knew what we were doing! She was always so prepared for our lessons, coming with new ideas and moves to consider. We looked forward to our dance lessons so much…Kira made it so easy and fun!! Highly, highly recommend Ballroom Bliss and Kira specifically!”

— Jen S.

“Save yourself time, headache and a ton of money and start with Deborah. She was awesome. She put together a bang up first dance that everyone loved and had us squared away in about a month. Other places wanted an arm and a leg and would not listen to what we wanted in a first dance.”

— Pete S.

“Would 100% recommend Ballroom Bliss for dancers at all skill levels. Kira was an AMAZING teacher. She always brought so much positive energy to the class and spent time thinking about the moves that would be best for us — and we did some that we never thought would be possible. It was clear she could teach dancers on any level. The studio locations were also convenient and easy to book. Our friends and family were SO impressed and stunned by our dance in the best way, and we got so many compliments.”

— Josh S.

“Deborah was able to incorporate all of our desires (rumba and swing, English and Bollywood, complex steps but still learnable), teach us the basics of two dance styles, put together an amazing routine, and teach it to us so we were completely comfortable and confident at our reception. We shopped around a bit before signing up with Ballroom Bliss, and found that not only were their ratings the highest, but their prices and hour flexibility were also the best. Our family and friends have all been complimenting us on our first dance, even months after our wedding!”

— Vaidehi & Sanjiv

Testimonials - Ballroom Bliss - Wedding Dance Instruction

“We had the most amazing experience with Ballroom Bliss and cannot recommend them enough. I can hardly express in words how much fun it was to take lessons with Kira. She made my fiancé feel more comfortable on his feet than he has felt in years. She was so constructive and so validating, and I could feel us improving by her teaching each lesson. I felt like she noticed our strengths and was so positive in helping us improve. She was so knowledgeable, patient, accessible, and amenable, and really encouraged us to trust each other and to find our groove in the different styles. She matched us when we were goofy and added lots of lightness and laughter to the room, while bringing us back to our goals and helping us refine each style. We ended up learning waltz, rumba, and swing, and I can’t believe how excited my fiancé is to get on the dance floor later this month for our wedding. Kira and Deb are both fantastic teachers and I would beg any folks, engaged or not, to take advantage of any opportunity to learn from them!”

— Rachel S.

“Deb helped us NAIL our first dance. After the first lesson, we were intrigued by all the steps that we could learn and wanted to impress rather than sway and turn in circles like a middle school couple. She made our two left feet go in sync! She put us at ease and worked with our skill level. Dancing before the wedding was also great bonding time — little date nights! I’d highly recommend spending extra time and funds to impress your guests, learn some skills and bond as a couple.”

— Kelsie S.

“Kira worked with us patiently and attentively and helped us design the “wow” first dance we were going for. The first dance itself was great, but the lessons leading up to it were right on par with how great we felt dancing on our wedding day. It was such a fun date-night activity and a great way to disconnect from the other wedding planning tasks. Great value, great instructors, all-around fantastic experience.”

— Andrea L.

“Absolutely incredible! We tasked Deborah with the difficult job of creating a combined first / parent dance for our wedding to an upbeat song – and we only had 5 weeks to learn it. She listened to our ideas, preferences and created the most amazing dance. Deborah flexed different parts of the dance to work with the skill level of each of us (bride, groom, father of the bride, mother of the groom) and we ended up with a fun dance that felt like us. It set the tone for our wedding and we had such a blast learning it.”

— Maddy L.

“Kira immediately helped me feel more comfortable on the dance floor. We chose to go with a casual approach rather than a choreographed routine – Kira gave us a ton of moves for our repertoire that we could pick and choose from on the big day. We ended up with an awesome first dance that looked natural but had plenty of flair, and we got tons of compliments. I couldn’t recommend Kira and Ballroom Bliss more highly – we had a ton of fun throughout the process.”

— Tommy M.

“My fiancé and I were unsure about how to approach our first dance. We didn’t want something really stiff or overly choreographed, but didn’t want to just “wing it” the day of either. Deborah promptly provided helpful information about their locations, lessons, and pricing. Both Deborah and Kira were excellent teachers — supportive, patient, creative and fun. They gave us the tools to practice on our own at home and come to the next lesson ready to continue learning. On the day of our wedding, we felt like we nailed our dance! We received glowing praise from our guests and there were lots of cheers throughout. I would highly recommend Ballroom Bliss to any couple looking to feel confident and comfortable being the center of attention at their wedding.”

— Lisa M.

Testimonials - Ballroom Bliss - Wedding Dance Instruction